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The upcoming next-generation systems, the PS4 and Xbox 720 , can be pushed again from their anticipated launch date. In step with a report this present day from the SemiAccurate forums , AMD has postponed the production of the Amkor GPU / CPU 28nm Si Interposer + DDR + Logic chip from late 2013 to the center of 2014. For this reason, the console that uses that individual processor might also suffer a delay. you might be able to inspect a picture of the slide in question, in addition some concept images of the PS4 and Xbox 720 from Yanko Design, in the slideshow on the top of this text.
The Amkor GPU / CPU 28nm Si Interposer + DDR + Logic chip is rumored for use by both the PS4 and Xbox 720. SemiAccurate means that the Microsoft is the use of the processor for his or her console, although Sony can be utilizing it for the PS4. Many reports have formerly published that Sony and Microsoft are planning to release their next-generation systems sometime in 2013. Incoming search terms: tu 12 update release date

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  • when does minecraft update come out on xbox tu 12 . A security analyst has revealed the Xbox 720 is moving along in its growth and has entered the beta testing phase. According to a report from GameChup on Thursday, the Xbox 720′s GPU often is the AMD HD 8000M and the system is already in its beta stage. an individual on Twitter whose name is Dan and is a safety Analyst apparently tweeted out a congratulatory message to folks engaged on the Xbox 720 saying, “Xbox 3 is officially beta, congrats.

    A person asked if he may well reveal any new modifications which were made to the system’s hardware, he answered “Awaiting kits arrival to door.

    Going again to the GPU that was claimed to be the Xbox 720′s, the images for the AMD Radeon chip reveal this may change into used to support compile four fundamental elements of gaming.

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