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26 million Xbox 360s sold, compared to 425,000 Wii Us.

Microsoft won the November home console battle within the US, shifting 1.
26 million units of its Xbox 360 console, which according to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg is sort of double the figure achieved by another console. this suggests the PS3 sold something in far greater than 630,000 units, although Sony hasn’t released an official figure. in the meantime Nintendo shifted 1. 75 million hardware units: 420,000 Wiis, 425,000 Wii Us, 540,000 Nintendo 3DSs and 370,000 Nintendo DSs. Wii U’s November tally came 50,000 units wanting the figure achieved by the Wii back at its launch. while Xbox 360 gross sales are down 25. 9 per cent over November 2011, November 2012 turns into the third greatest month for the Xbox 360, behind 2011′s 1. 7 million and 2010′s 1. 37 million units. According to Gamasutra , Black Ops 2 sold 7. 4 million copies on its procedure to claiming the software top spot, although this figure represents only Xbox 360 (4. 5 million) and PS3 (2. 9 million). At the identical platforms (but with each week of further sales data) unit sales of earlier games within the franchise were 8. 8 million fashionable Warfare 3, 8 million Black Ops, and six. 1 million fashionable Warfare 2. Halo 4 charted at No. 2 with 3. 2 million copies, followed by Assassin’s Creed 3 (2. 9 million), Just Dance 4, Madden NFL 13 and Skylanders Giants. NFS Most sought after is at No. 7 with 509,000 copies sold. Source: Press releases | NPD | GamesIndustry

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  • ky kinect insurance . <div 67918187056" div class="img c3" IllumiRoom brings the gaming experience beyond the screen and onto your walls, ceiling and floor. Will it’s an Xbox 720 release date feature? (Photo: YouTube) /div pXbox 720 release date rumors  have included communicate of Xbox SmartGlass integration , Blu-Ray compatibility and a 0-700 ticket . however the newest rumor heaped at the ‘What if?’ pile came from this week’s Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Microsoft featured a video all through Samsung’s CES presentation that showcased a brand new variety of interactive technology, IllumiRoom. look at the video:/p p class=”fblike”spanLike Us on Facebook/span /p piframe src=”” width=”490″ height=”315″[embedded content]/iframe/p p”IllumiRoom is an explanation-of-concept Microsoft analysis project designed to push the boundary of lounge immersive entertainment by blending our virtual and physical worlds with projected visualizations,” the Illumiroom YouTube description reads. “The outcomes interior the video are rendered in actual time and are captured live – not computer graphics added in post processing.”/p pNow, since i’m a rabid watchdog at the Xbox 720 beat my gamer-sense starts tingling presently. The fellow contained in the video simply speaks the word “Xbox, go big.” While it’s clearly an Xbox 360 within the demo room, eagle-eared rumor mongerers will be aware the Gizmodo report  that the Xbox 720 is often called just ‘Xbox.’ So, from the beginning, this video had me wondering if this can be frequently greater than only an easy demo./p pI’m not alone in that wondering. Pocket-lint is often speculating  that Microsoft’s IllumiRoom science can be portion of the Xbox 720 release date. Pocket-lint hyperlinks back to a report from June  that featured some images from a (briefly) leaked document  that, allegedly, details between the features of the Xbox 720. It shows that Microsoft has plans to utilize the xbox 720 to create an ‘augmented reality’ which might possibly use technology clone of Google Glass . So if Microsoft is calling to show your whole room into an interactive experience, is IllumiRoom how to go?/p pIt surely appears like it in step with the demo video. because the anonymous, ethnically-ambiguous twenty or thirty something man sits within the fake front room and plays the Xbox 360, we can see the walls illuminate around him, occasionally showing the photos he’s seeing at the screen but expanding them beyond the borders of his TV. The technology uses both the Kinect and a projector  (not pictured) to create the dazzling visual milieu./p pTech fans were singing its praises on span class=”tpk” Twitter /span today:/p blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” 4556213017751″>
    I’ve been speaking about playing games like this for 30 years: Kinect turns yourliving room appropriate into a on-line video game 0 0
    - Jake Birkett (@GreyAlien) 1 January 10, 2013 1

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" 4269662921348" pGenuinely cool and terrifying simultaneously.

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