‘Minecraft’ Xbox 360 and Xbox One DLC pack features ‘State of Decay’

Another intellectual property was confirmed for ” Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” and ” Minecraft Xbox One Edition .” In line with a report from True Achievements on June 19, the surface Pack 6 also includes costumes according to the “State of deterioration” franchise. Mojang previously confirmed that the growth comes with “Killer Instinct,” “Mirror’s Edge” [...]

Minecraft Xbox Tu 14 Brewing

The Xbox One is correct not far away , and it promises to bring a significantly better gaming experience this time around, with all-new games and higher graphics. However, Microsoft can also be still focusing much of its energy at the eight-year-old Xbox 360, which the corporate just updated with a brand new design  at [...]

Microsoft reassures game enthusiasts that Xbox One Kinect will not misuse their private information Minecraft Xbox Tu 14 Brewing

When Microsoft first began sharing details of the hot Kinect , Xbox users were right away suspicious of the way the following-generation console would utilize a camera that have been always powered on. Eventually the bad press forced Microsoft‘s hand, and the Kinect is now not required for the Xbox One to show on . [...]