Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 July 2013 Release Date Is Possible

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’s Title Update 11 was released in May.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Major Release In July 2013

We like what this update brings, but we are not all that fascinated about it.

While we all know they may be doing a superb job for probably the most part but Minecraft Xbox 360 version is lagging to this point behind the computer.

Minecraft Xbox 360 players need more with these updates or no less than cause them to less frequent with twice the content.

Upside-down stairs, texture packs, potted plants, the wither, Adventure Mode, and much more must be here by now.

Certainly we do not wish to sound ungrateful, but waiting one to 2 months for single updates that hardly give us anything is more or less a take.

Look, everyone knows it isn’t easy to port Minecraft on Xbox 360 considering how different the programming language in both platforms, but with record-breaking sales, profitable in a single hour after release, any businesses inside the right mind must have put more resources to the advance team especially how they may be so small in comparison with other best-seller.

Okay, let’s calculate what quantity of money they have got made to date, give or take.

Let’s say that Microsoft took home 1/2 the sales and Mojang, 4J Studios with the remainder.

Six million copies and which may be worth around $60 Million for the improvement team 4J Studios and Mojang themselves.

Sixty million dollars is lots of cash. Hiring developers who’ve expertise in C++ and Java doesn’t really cost some huge cash.

There’s no argument why they shouldn’t add more resources to the improvement team and release Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update this month.

They are basically sitting on a tremendous pile of cash and doesn’t like to profit from better customer retention.


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