Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update Release Date Few More Weeks?

Latest update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is a bug fix, but for the approaching TU12 update, we think something bigger.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12

Judging by how 4J Studios release their Title Updates, Minecraft Xbox 360 players are up for few more weeks before they may see the sunshine of TU12 patch update.

Title Update 9 is the former major update for Minecraft Xbox 360 which have been released early this month.

As one of the vital biggest update, it feature The tip, Ender Dragon and Spawn Eggs.

Unfortunately, there are several bugs discovered once it was available on Xbox LIVE.

Title Update 10 and Title Update 11 was released to follow up those bugs on Silver Xbox LIVE customers who’ve been getting errors when loading saves, among other in-game Minecraft related bugs.

With the catastrophic release for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on retail, we’re hoping that they are going to include another major update after TU9 as all eyes at the moment are on TU12 patch update.

Upside-down stairs, texture packs, potted plants, the wither, Adventure Mode, and lots of other features that 4J Studios can tinker with.

Before the patch goes to the general public and available for download, the update needs to be handed to Microsoft for his or her certification program.

Vote your prediction for Title Update 12 release date for Minecraft Xbox 360 here.

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