Minecraft Xbox 360 next Title Update 12 release date

There were several speculations that a better update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Title Update 12 goes to return out before disc retail version release.

A few days ago, 4J Studios announced on Twitter that Title Update 11 is barely a big bug fix update.

So it might take a variety of time before the developer handed TU12 update patch to Microsoft for Test Certification.

Considering the method it would pass through which might take greater than every week, we’d not have the capacity to see TU12 on exactly May 9th, that is the anniversary date for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

It’s not a secret for every person that there are piles of labor for 4J Studios to accomplish as a result of the nature of it not being an instantaneous port from the unique version, but actually rewriting it again in another programming language for Xbox 360.

In other words, to have sheep regrow their wool in game as an instance isn’t a very simple task. There are lots of materials to link as much as in relation to code.

Add the truth that they don’t seem to be being paid for releasing those updates (which at this rate would take another several years to finish), 4J Studios actually doing a very good job in providing the Minecraft experience on console.

Let’s just hope that Mojang give each of them a gigantic check for what they’ve done up to now few months, especially for 4JSteve, our wonderful QA bug tester and quite popular too with the Minecraft Xbox 360 community.

Some of the features expected for Title Update 12:


The trading system is a gameplay mechanic that permits players to trade emeralds for items (and vice-versa) with NPC villagers.


Ocelots are passive mobs that spawn in jungle biomes.

They are the second one tameable mob to be introduced into Minecraft, the primary being Wolves. They’re in accordance with the animal with same name. When tamed, they become cats, and may change skins.

Cats will follow the Player and can teleport in the event that they are too distant.

Iron Golem

Iron Golems are large, strong utility mobs.

Their main purpose is to defend Villagers in NPC Villages from hostile mobs and siege attacks.

They will attempt to protect villagers from getting killed.

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