Xbox 720 Specs: CPU Clocks At 1.66GHz (Slightly Better Than Wii U)?

Nintendo Wii U is seen at a Target store (Photo : Mobile & Apps)

The Xbox 720 will not be that rather more powerful than the Nintendo Wii U based on a definite hacker, who somehow figured out the processor speed of Microsoft’s new console.

Hector Martin, who goes by the mane “Marcan,” first came to fame when he was noticed as one of the most first hackers to wreck the PlayStation 3′s long standing walled garden. After that, nothing much was heard from him until recently, when he leaked the Nintendo Wii U’s processor speed.

According to Marcan, the  Wii U is a slowpoke , because the CPU only runs at 1.2GHz, while the GPU goes as much as 549MHz. There can be some truth to Marcan’s claims as multiple developers have clamored that Wii U’s CPU is just too slow and might cause a bottleneck in later years.

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Not to be outdone, Marcan was at it again with another rumor, this time, his sights are set at the Xbox 720, Microsoft’s next-generation console. Marcan claims a bit birdie told him that the Xbox 720 CPU only runs at a  meager 1.66GHz , that’s slower than the Xbox 360′s 3.2GHz CPU.

“If you would like more evidence that MHz isn’t everything, just a little birdie points out that Durango (Xbox 720) is specc’ed to have a 1.6GHz CPU. Food for thought. (And do not bother asking me who that little birdie is.),” said Marcan.

As of now, that’s only a rumor and holds no merit until Microsoft makes an official statement. One important aspect to bear in mind is that the clock speed could be slow, however it seriously isn’t known what number cores come in, that could make a big difference. If the Xbox 720 has a serious selection of cores running at 1.66GHz, then the numbers wouldn’t matter, it’ll technically be a faster system than the Xbox 360.

It is unlikely that Microsoft would have a next-generation console that’s much weaker than its predecessor. The Nintendo Wii U could be slow, but it surely is quicker than the predecessor Wii.

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